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Gears gears gears gears gears

After moving again at the beginning of December, I’ve realised that I’ve built a lot of things, but nothing could really be called pretty in the conventional sense. There’s a lot of room in my new place, and I need something I created to display. Visitors should be able to come into my house (after being invited, please) and say, “Oh hey, that’s a cool x, where did you get it?”

Yeah, I don’t have anything like that


It’s time to change that.


I built a clock. I have a working version of all the mechanics down. It moves like a well-oiled machine. Well, more like an unlubricated wooden machine. Because, you know, that’s what it is.





Right now I’ve built a quick motor-running test board, and I’m starting to design the rest of the electronics. Pretty soon, I’ll be drawing out an exploded-view diagram, and I should be able to package this as a kit. We’ll see what happens.

I’ll have video up soon.


Problems right now:

I’m using old HD motors because I like the short form-factor, but early tests are pointing to them not being powerful enough.

I’ve got three avenues for solutions, I’ll do some analysis and report back.