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Further adventures of implementing SHA1 encryption on an FPGA

A few years ago, I designed and simulated a SHA1 encryption machine using CMOS logic. I actually built everything using Altera’s FPGA tools, Quartus. With standard propagation of the 7400 series, it worked out to about 1.8MHz max clock speed to prevent race conditions.


Implementing the system right in VHDL and running it on the FPGA itself, I think I can get it faster. The previous system also relied on a serial workflow that limited the data to one hash at a time. If I parallelize everything, I can likely get it up to 80 time faster. A very very cursory look suggests that SHA1 has been done a million times by a million different people, but I’m not looking at their work. This isn’t about them.

After trying to figure out how I figured out the SHA1 protocol last time, it looks like the only document I used was the original RFC 3174 spec. There are a lot crappy pseudo-code and diagrams out there, but man, that paper is just so well-written, nothing compares.

I also found an old spreadsheet in my Drive account in which I’d written out the first few rounds of the hashing process.

Initially, because I’m relearning the algorithm at the same time that I’m relearning VHDL, I implemented it completely sequentially. The project is here. It’s a proof-of-concept, not actually something that is usable, at the time of writing. It will likely evolve into something cool.